Checkmate Guide

Chess is really interesting game. Many people think Chess game can go on for hours and hours. But sometimes chess games can end really quick like 4 move checkmate and 3 move checkmate. Let’s continue to guide!

Checkmate Guide

There is avery basic way to play chess. It is to understand not only the moves but also psychology of player. Chess has infinite possibilities which makes it hard to win but this makes it easier to loose. Out of billion possibilities, 70% would be blunders.


checkmate guide

So a player needs to always watch out for them. The plan has to be clear but, their should always be an eye on opponents plan. As I already mentioned some of the fastest ways to get checkmated can be pretty dangerous. You can loose a match even before it has started.

Attack, Defence and Planning these three should go parallel. If you just keep attacking, your king might get opened for attack and you have no pieces to come back and defend. If you just happen to defend, then how would you win? The only way for you to win in such a case would be your opponent to make a blunder. And expecting so at a professional level is not okay!

However, that would work at beginner level when you can just keep your calm and let your opponent fall into one of those billion possible blunders himself . Or,  you can also make it happen, by putting a bit pressure or diverting his/her attention from board by sacrificing a pawn, piece and gaining a positional advantage.

During closed endgames, tactical play is very necessary, so that you do not make moves which are not required. Play such moves might just worsen your condition. As every single move counts in an endgame.

This was my second post as a Checkmate guide. Hope you like it! Stay tuned for more updates.


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