How To Find Area Of Circle

Hi there, this is my very first post here. I am starting something new and I want to start it with area of circle. In this post I’ll share about How To Find Area Of Circle. I know this is really really basic. But this is how I want to proceed. I don’t want to hurry up, coz this thing sometime at some point was important. Okay, So let’s get on with the post on finding area of circle.

how to find area of circle

How To Find Area Of Circle

Finding area of circle is very easy. All you need to know is the radius of circle. But before I begin, what is a circle? A circle is set of points that are equally placed from a particular point. This point is called centre. All the points are called circumference.

Let’s Look at the formula for finding area of circle.

A = Pi * R^2

Where R is the radius and Pi = 3.1413

Now let me define this;

Finding area of circle is very easy. First you should know the radius or diameter of circle. Diameter is twice that of circle. Square the value of radius and multiply it with the constant given above. The result you get is your answer on How To Find Area Of Circle.

Let us take an example where we use the diameter instead.

Diameter of circle is given D = 100cm

R = D/2 = 50cm

A = Pi x R x R

A= 3.14 x 50 x 50 = 7850 sq. cm.

This example explains properly use of radius and diameter in finding area of circle.  Hope this was a good start. I will always keep learning and never hesitate on basic things and look down on them as they sometimes can be very important.

Here’s a video till then

Next I will come up with  more and more about circle. The real basics to real things around circle. Thank you!

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